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Patent Owner: THE RISING SUN ™ Redbud

"The Rising Sun™" Redbud
   Cercis Canadensis 'JNJ' PPAF

A new and distinct variety of Cercis Canadensis, an Eastern Redbud tree found and introduced by Jackson Nursery.

This cultivar has orange new growth developing into bright yellow, then into yellow green, finally maturing into light green with some lighter and darker speckling on the leaved. 

It has also been observed to be drought resistant and cold hardly, making it a desirable plant for any place.

Plant Patent applied for. We have also joined with Greenleaf Nursery, letting them put "The Rising Sun" in their Garden Debut Program.
                       Garden Debut - The Rising Sun

Awarded the 2013 Gold Medal Award from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Jackson Nursery 2012 Gold Medal Award

Characteristics: Golden tangerine heart -shaped foliage in summer extends through fall; new leaves are bright rosy apricot.

Flowers: Rosy-orchid sweet pea-like blooms up and down braches and trunks in early spring.

Growth Habit: Vigorous grower reaching an ideal mature height of 12 feet.

Landscape Use: Native ornamental tree with interest in three seasons. Diminutive size is perfect for in-town landscapes or an accent grouped in larger or commercial landscapes.

Seasonal Features: Bright rosy apricot new leaves mature to riveting summer foliage that ranges in color from gold to peach and apricot; color is retained in autumn. Profuse bloom provides interest early in springtime.

Additional Features: Tan bark gas a yellowish cast which extends the peachy color scheme into winter and is distinctive from other redbuds.

Hardiness: Cold Hardy to -10 to 20° F. (Zones 5-8)

Exposure: Full Sun

Cultural Care: Wide tolerance of soil moisture.

Heredity: U.S., Ray Jackson, Belvidere, Tenn.


  • 2-3'   -   $13.00
  • 3-4'   -   $14.00
  • 4-5'   -   $15.00
  • 5-6'   -   $16.00

Testimonials from our Customers

Don Shadow from Shadow Nursery Winchester, TN with Ray & Cindy, tells them; He feels that "The Rising Sun" Redbud is by far the very best of the gold leaf forms.

"The Rising Sun Redbud is what Garden Debut is all about. Bring new introductions with exceptional characteristics and proven performance to the gardener"
                          Randy Davis, Greenleaf Nursery Co., President

"We are excited to team up with Jackson Nursery to bring you The Riding Sun Redbud. It provided a show stopping display of tangerine and gold foliage unmatched among golden redbuds and has shown excellent heat tolerance in full sun."
        Robert Kerns, Greenleaf Nursery Co., New Products Manager

To me, it is the best self branding variety we have ever seen and the most unique in the way that it layers its array of colors all summer!
   Rick Crowder,Hawksridge Farms Nursery,Hickory,North Carolina

Cercis Candensis "The Rising Sun", is one of the most vigorous cultivars of this species that I have seen. The new growth is a brilliant gold with just a touch of orange in our zone 8 heat. GREAT PLANT!
    Ted Stephens, Nurseries Caroliniana Inc.,N. Augusta, South Carolina

One of the most colorful and best performing ornamental trees on the market today!
Welty, Cottage Hill Nursery Irvington, Alabama

Occasionally in a nursery career an exciting new plant come along that has the potential to be a "plant for the ages". The Rising Sun is clearly one of those prospects. Judging it from the retail perspective, it's clearly preferable to other cultivars in field evaluations due to it's unique warm, golden foliage color. Since its leaves don't sun burn, it can be used in the landscape in a wide variety of places, from a median strip on a commercial job with surrounding pavement, to a specimen tree near the front door of your home. When used as an accent planting, its attractive golden color suffused with a hint of orange brings the flavor of autumn to the garden border all season long. Diminutive in size when mature, it won't clutter up your yard with a truckload of leaf litter, but will achieve a size to make you proud of this easily cared for tree. Its lack of serious disease and insect pests fit modern urban landscaping demands for reduced maintenance, new status, and a tree with highly attractive curb appeal. we've seen explosion of new redbud cultivars in the recent 10 years, and should expect to see even more in the few years ahead. This one is clearly a long -term favorite, and with more than 15,000buds in our field this summer, we feel it is a hands-down landscape winter.
              Mark Krautmann, Heritage Seedling, Inc. Salem, Oregon